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Introduction to the School

Dale Christian School is part of a wider movement of Christian schools that actively promote Christ-centred education.  The effect of these schools on Australian education over the past 20 years has been significant, but the greatest benefit to families comes from active involvement in their local Christian school. 

Dale Christian School is an outreach activity of the Armadale Congregational Church Inc. and is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia.  The school is managed on a day to day basis by the Principal, who is responsible to a duly elected Board.  The Board is responsible to the Church. 


In 2013 Dale celebrated 30 years of providing Christian Education. Dale Christian School opened in July 1983, utilising the hall and Manse of the old Armadale Congregational Church with two classes totalling 21 students.

The school rapidly outgrew the original site and in late 1985 the Church purchased the former Dale Drive-In located on Forrest Road. In 2002 we saw the commencement of Dale's Middle School with 38 students in Year 7 & 8. In the beginning of 2015 we moved into the new secondary school, where we are today.

The Dale Christian School Board believe that God's grace and love has built the school to all that it is today and look forward to what God has planned for it in the future. 


Dale Christian School began as a member of the Christian Community Schools network of schools.  The first Christian Community School commenced in NSW in 1976 and from this humble start the God-given vision has grown to nearly 90 schools in Australia and 125 schools worldwide.  Bethel Christian School opened in Albany in 1981, the first of 12 schools in Western Australia. 

In 2002 Christian Community Schools changed it's name to Christian Schools Australia and joined a wider network of Christian Schools.  There are over 20,000 students attending CSA schools Australia wide, with new schools opening each year.  This organisation has a professional office based in Sydney with paid Regional Directors.  Professional development for schools and individual staff (conferences and seminars) is available to member schools. 


In our society, often both parents work so  education can no longer  be totally  carried out by the parents at home. Therefore, it is important for parents to be sure that those to whom they entrust their children for training should be bringing them up to love the Lord their God with all their strength (referring to the physical and mental side of life), with all their heart (the emotions and the will), and with all their soul (the spiritual side of mankind).


Our aim is to continue to develop a Christian School where Christ is honoured in all management, curriculum and teaching practices. We expect students and families to work with us towards our goal of Christ-centred education. Our aim is that every student who attends Dale will leave having heard clearly the claims of Christ on their lives, and having seen the love of God at work in the staff and school community. Love, faith and hope is the motto of the school. Our desire is that students enjoy daily school life.  


The School Board believes that God's grace and love has built Dale Christian School and that He has plans for it in the future.  We have a good resource base within the church,  buildings, staff and our active parents.    We believe that the future of the school is good for our children and that we will see Dale play a more significant role in the local community in future years.


Dale Christian School exists to support Christian families in the raising of their children by providing an educational environment that is consistent with the core values and beliefs of a Christian home. The school is for children from homes that share the aims, beliefs and values of the school. The school will also, on a case by case basis, accept enrolments from unchurched families who express a strong commitment to the school's values.  We will not compromise our values and standards to suit a wider clientele. A pastor's reference is an important part of the enrolment process. 


Within the school there are a wide range of denominations represented among parents and staff, but all office bearers and staff must be able to confidently adhere to the central beliefs of Christianity. As the school is a ministry of the Armadale Congregational Church, all staff and families must be able to support the church Statement of Faith.

In the interest of harmony within the school, controversial or divisive doctrines or issued shall not be promoted.  Such issues include:

1. Speaking in tongues as a sign of having been filled with the Holy Spirit and

2. Doctrines which are peculiar to a particular denomination.


The school's chief desire is to support the home. This is the nurturing ground for the child and the basis for the family. We endeavour to build on the prayer and Bible teaching foundations taught within the home.

 We set out to provide a good grounding in biblical understanding and to provide opportunities for children to grow up to be like Christ. The School community is a model of love in action. 


All of the staff at Dale Christian School are Christians and are actively involved in their local church.  Each staff member is employed because we believe that they are the right person for the job and each brings to the school appropriate skills, gifts and a heart for the ministry.  Some of our staff are involved in professional development programs at post-graduate level with local universities and the National Institute for Christian Tertiary Education. 

All staff , including support staff, are carefully selected through interviews. We believe that staff see their employment not only as a job, but as a ministry to the children. 


Dale Christian School's behaviour management plan is based around the Biblical principles of right behaviour and attitudes, responsibility for personal actions, co-operations between school and home, restitution, repentance, forgiveness and consequences.  While this is but a thumb-nail sketch, it is important to note that we will always attempt to correct children toward right  behaviour in preference to punishment, but we believe that children must learn that actions have consequences that affect themselves and others. 

On the rare occasions that students or families do not respond to the pastoral care and discipline of the school, and knowingly choose to contradict the school's standards, they are asked to leave for the good of the wider student body. Such action would only be taken after extensive discussion between parents, the Principal and School Board. (A detailed copy of the Discipline policy is available on request.)